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Nashoba, OK
List Price: $220,200

Clayton, OK
List Price: $30,000

Antlers, OK
List Price: $20,000

McCurtain, OK
List Price: $95,000

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Southeastern Oklahoma Land Company would like to welcome you to our newly redesigned website.  We hope you enjoy the changes however if you do not, please let us know.

Are you looking for land but are not quite sure what you want?

Try using our new property search tool. It contains all of the properties we own and have ready for sale. Each of them is located in Southeastern Oklahoma where there is something for everyone.  Whether you are searching for a rolling pasture or mountain land; a recreational getaway or a home site; big or small acreage, or just want a place with a little of everything…we invite you to look over our listings and call us if something interests you.

Do you know what kind of property you want but can’t seem to find it?

Call us and describe what you are looking for in a property. We will be happy to look over our inventory and make any suggestions. Unlike a realtor, we own the properties we list. We can divide, combine or develop properties to suit your needs.

Have you found a place you really wanted but were, for whatever reason, unable to buy?

Purchasing land can be frustrating. Banks and lending institutions are denying loans to folks with good and bad credit. Buying land from us is easy. If you can pay 10% down, we will finance the balance for up to 10 years. You will not be denied. No credit check needed.

***Our standard financing policy only applies to land purchases.  We occasionally have houses for sale. When we do, they are subject to a different credit policy.  All of our land with houses can be financed by us but each one will be separately negotiated as to terms and conditions.***


****Any reference to the amount of acreage contained within our website is a value based on our best estimate of the total surface contained within the property’s boundaries. It should be understood that the actual surface area may be slightly more or less than the estimated amount.****