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Standing Rock 5B

Standing Rock 5B
Standing Rock 5B Standing Rock 5B Standing Rock 5B Standing Rock 5B
Standing Rock 5B Standing Rock 5B Standing Rock 5B Standing Rock 5B
Standing Rock 5B Aerial Map Standing Rock 5B Top Map
Standing Rock 5B
Moyers, OK
Lot Size:
15.60 Acres

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About this property:

Standing Rock of Kiamichi Wilderness Tract 5b Available for Sale! We have 15.6 acres of timbered land within the Kiamichi Wilderness. It has good access and is close but not right on Sherman Road.  Rescue Road, a light duty road, comes across its Northwest corner where the driveway entrance was created. Part of Horsehead mountain peak is on the property. Included with the roughed in driveway we pushed in an open campsite.  As you go from West to East the ground slopes gradually downward with several flat benches along the slope. This property comes with so many perks. Its buyer will gain access to close to 10,000 acres of the surrounding property, on which, to hunt, hike, 4-wheel and recreate. Also, we will provide 2 full years of membership in the Kiamichi Wilderness Land Owners Association. Membership in this association comes with benefits such as:

- voting rights on association issues

- better roads and better security

- septic tank and culvert installation (up to 3 hours total)

-will spread any shale that you purchase from the association

- reduced rates for materials and heavy equipment work

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to go the Association’s web site.


Property taxes are estimated to be approximately $172.07 per year.


***Owner financing available for 10% down.  The remaining balance may be financed for a period of 10 years at the rate of 10% interest.  This interest rate may be lowered by paying a larger percentage down payment.  Because average market rates can change, we reserve the right to change this posted rate.

Any reference to the amount of acreage contained in this listing is a value based on our best estimate of the total surface contained within the property’s boundaries. It should be understood that the actual surface area may be slightly more or less than the estimated amount.***